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Advent 2: Reclaiming Peace

December 6th, 2009 2 Comments

Let me tell you what a young woman called Esther thought about the Peace we Find Ourselves In (with thanks to JK). Esther, or ‘Etty’, Hillesum was born on 15 January 1914, Netherlands. Just like the biblical hero she’s named after, Esther was Jewish, and if you know what happened in the 1930s and 1940s […]

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A Tale of Two Texts

December 5th, 2009 No Comments

When Georg Frideric Handel was in the middle of writing the Hallelujah Chorus, one of the most famous pieces of music in the world, he was interrupted by his assistant, who had been banging on his study door for ages, not getting any reply.  Handel looked up, in tears, and said ‘I thought I saw […]

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