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Our integenerational approach to church life (see kids) means that teenagers are involved in all the ways that other kids and adults are.

As well as all the other stuff, St James Church and West have merged our groups!! It’s exciting to see heaps of young people together having a heap of fun! We’re still working on a new combined name. Fortnightly Saturday events for young people who are school year 7 through to year 13 (Form 1-7.) There are also fortnightly Sunday faith discussions for year 9-13.

Knowing that most teenagers in Taranaki end up leaving home for at least a while to study and train elsewhere, we think carefully how to prepare them for a life of following Jesus without the familiar world of West and their families.  We are committed to helping them connect meaningfully in a healthy local church in the area they move to.  And we delight in praying for them while they’re away, and in seeing them in the holidays!