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  • 1 James McKillop Jul 25, 2017 at 9:00 am

    One of the things we do together as a church that is both “On the Way AND in the Fray” is worshiping as a community.
    Worship is something we ALL do, individually and collectively and in fact we all worship multiple things and in different ways.
    Some of the definitions that we at West came up with for “What is worship?” include:
    A way to praise and think about God
    A way to acknowledge God
    Not just a song sung, but a life lived
    Dedicated time with God and his family
    An attitude of the heart acknowledging God
    Putting aside ourselves
    Expression of Faith
    Giving God our attention

    Some important things that the bible points out about worship include:
    Worship God before everything else.
    Worship in Spirit and in truth.
    Offer your bodies as living sacrifices.
    Whether worship is acceptable or not is God’s call, not mine-Don’t judge other people’s worship.