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The Universe in Your Backyard #7: Ephesians 5:1-20

October 23rd, 2011 by Admin

The Christian Life is about imitating Jesus

Jesus spent time with people, he ate with them, prayed with them, taught them, learnt from them, laughed and socialised at parties and accepted them for who they were. He lived with his disciples.

He had an extravagant love meaning that it was not cautious or conditional.

There is a call to be careful of lust which only serves to distract us from the true meaning of love, lust leads to selfishness and self fulfillment, but true love is giving and it looks out for others first.

Sin has been described as seeking to get more out of life than God put into it. Even though God has packed life full of good things, most people are never satisfied. When desire for more takes over people are often tempted in three main areas money, sex or power this selfish thinking and the unhealthy pursuit of these things distorts the mind, debilitates people, disrupts life, and finally becomes master.

If you are a follower of Jesus

You have been called from death which was our sinful nature which leads to destruction,

Our conversion to Jesus is like waking up and seeing the truth for the first time, we are raised from Death and given the light of Jesus so that we can enjoy his presence and the fellowship of his Spirit.

When I think of the church I think of a group of people who are continually being transformed by the power of God and made in the likeness of Jesus so his light will shine from us.

Jesus wants you to be fulfilled but he also wants you to know Gods purpose for your life so that you are able to be an instrument in his hands. He has things for each of us to do based on our gifts, abilities, and strengths. We were given new life so that others may know and experience the light and life of Christ.



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