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E100: Week One

May 30th, 2010 by Thalia Kehoe Rowden

This is the first in a series of E100 blog posts written by different people in our community. To kick things off we have Will Mills, whose E100 journey you can follow more closely on his own blog, here. Click on the text references below to see a copy of the biblical text Will is commenting on.

The first two chapters of Genesis deal with the creation of the world and all life in it. Regardless of whether you believe the ‘days’ in Genesis are literal or figurative, the fact remains that God created the world, all of the creatures of the air, the fish of the sea, the trees and plants and, most importantly, Man.

From reading these passages, there are a couple of things that stood out for me:

Genesis 1:28-30

What’s the first thing God does for the humans He has created? He blesses them with abundance. They now have dominion over all life on the earth. This means that they have no reason to be afraid of any creature, big or small. As the song says, “the Lord God made them all,” and then He put man in control.

That strikes me as a truly loving thing to do. I know that if I make something I usually like to keep it safe. The last thing I’m inclined to do is let someone else have control of it. Even if I make it for my kids I tend to be very protective of it. Maybe I should take a cue from God and let them do what they will. That’s what true love looks like.

Genesis 2:2-3

And here we have the reason that Christians have Sunday as a day of worship. Shame it’s been watered down so much.

When I was growing up there was no shopping after Midday on Saturday, no ads on a Sunday and you tended to spend the day sleeping in and just lazing around. Quite different from today; And I’m not even that old!

Now I can treat Sunday just like any other day and, to my detriment, I tend to. God Himself had a day off and pronounced it Holy. Instead of using it solely to gather together and worship God and hang out with others we have turned it into a day indistinguishable from any other. In our consumer driven society most people now worship at the altar of the dollar.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to avoid shopping and other such ‘daily’ activities on Sundays from now on. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Genesis 2:23-24

These two verses are very dear to my wife and me. When we were married we walked down the aisle together. Also, the celebrant asked who gave US away, not just my wife.

Why did we do this? As a way to incorporate both the traditional and biblical view of marriage. Tradition has the bride being given to the groom, yet this passage shows that it is the man who leaves his family.

I believe this is another allusion to later times. Jesus, the Bible tells us, will return for His bride (the Church). Once again, the man leaves his family (in this case the Holy Trinity) and is joined to his bride, becoming one.

Genesis 2:25

One last thought: These two chapters detail the only time in the history of man where there is no sin. A world without sin would not include emotions such as hate, envy or shame. I find it very poignant that the last time a sinless world is referred to is to highlight this simple difference between the world that was and the world we now live in.

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