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EC10: Bring It On!

May 29th, 2010 by Thalia Kehoe Rowden

From Matt C:

About a month ago, Michael, Jacob, Nathaniel and me took the long trip down to Manfeild Park in Feilding for EC10. We had to fill in time in the 2 + hours car voyage so we played heaps of boring games. (e.g. Car Cricket which I won by miles, Llama Llama and the good old classic I Spy) We stopped at Hawera for our very nutritious dinner where we spotted an old Westie, Tim B.

By the time we got to our campsite it was pitch black. It was quite interesting trying to set up the tent but eventually we got it up. Because we only had 4 Westies we joined up with Central Baptist.

On that Thursday night we had our first main session which started off with a couple of games then through to the worship team. I only have 1 word to describe the the worship band and that is AWESOME!!!

That night Danielle preached to us about Judah and erupting in praise.

Thursday night was a long night for the whole campsite. I think I didn’t get to sleep until 1.

Not much happened during Friday until the soccer tourney. West and Central joined forces to….. lose.

On Friday night Chris spoke to us. This sermon was probably the one that touched me the most and connected me to God. He spoke about coming from broken families, knowing that you’re not the one to blame for it and that God and your family still loves you.

On Saturday morning Stu talked. His preaching style was a bit different because he recited the bible but put his twist on it. For example he interpreted the Holy Spirit to be like the pink batts guy.

During Saturday I went around looking at the campsite activities and mingled with Northpoint.

On Saturday night Merrilyn Withers preached. She preached about the 7 C’s and asked us where we thought we stood with Jesus. I can only remember a few of the 7 C’s. The ones I can remember are confrontation and content.

After the Saturday night session the 4 way volleyball tournament took place. The Central/West team went in with low hopes. Somehow we go through to the semis. Before the semis we prayed that we would win and we did. Now it was time for the finals. Sadly in the finals we were the first team out but we were still pretty happy with our performance.

Sunday was a happy day at EC10 all the sermons were about how Jesus had risen from the dead and rejoicing. Everyone was smiling and joking on Sunday until the touch tourney when we got our serious faces on. Central/West were missing a few players to a quiz night I won’t mention any names…. Jacob…. Lynda. We made it through to the second round by beating Andrew Bollen’s church. We made into the semis by winning against some other youth group. In the semi’s we were down 1 more player because some really smart youth group (Northpoint) decided to tie him to a chair. Anyway we still got smashed in the semis 11-1.

I can’t really remember much of Monday but I can remember cleaning the toilets. The worst job ever. But all in all I still thought that EC10 was a great experience. I can’t wait till next year. EC10, Bring it on!!


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  • 1 Robyn Ryan May 29, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Hey Matt…………thanks for writing that………….sounds like you had a lot of fun & some learning as well………