Come to the Celebration
Come to the celebration
All who are hungry
The best wine is ready
And the loaves of bread
Here he comes, the bridegroom
To welcome the people
To share out the food
And see that all are fed

Who is invited
To the house of the bridegroom
To live while the dead
Are left to bury the dead
Beggars from the roadside
Amazed at the asking
Are called to the table
Where the feast is spread

What kind of party
Is this wedding reception
The first are the last
And yet the last are first
Royal guests of honour
Are standing and waiting
Until all the servants
Satisfy their thirst

When shall we come along
To share in the feasting
The day is today
The doors are open wide
Endless the rejoicing
At this celebration
The Lord is the bridegroom
And his Church the bride

Come empty-handed
When you come to the table
The drink flows forever
There is ample food
Taste the wine of heaven
And never be thirsty
And see, as we break the bread
That God is good