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The whole West community gets together at 10am every Sunday morning at 144 South Road, Spotswood, New Plymouth.

What can you expect when you come along on a Sunday morning?

We meet every Sunday from 10am, and the sitting-down part of the service goes till around 11 or 11.15.  Morning tea is part of our time together, and a highlight everyone stays for, so you’re warmly invited to have a cup of fair trade tea or coffee with us after the formalities.

We have an all-age, all-stage approach to community at West, so our Sunday morning gatherings are designed to be a safe and helpful experience for everyone.  Check out the kids page to see what this means for smaller people.
We tend to follow a big theme for the year, and then have several smaller series of 4-8 weeks that take in the broad sweep of the Bible.

During 2015 we are broadly wrestling with what it means to be a “Potpourri Faith Community.”  Potpourri sounds pretty old-school, the sort of stuff we might find hidden in a corner of Grandma’s house.  However there’s some real beauty in potpourri, and some meaningful similarities with what it means to be God’s people, the Church.

We’re exploring what it means to “be church” by looking at potpourri:

1.  What it means to be God’s community of Faith
2.  How to live out our faith in the contexts we live in

*  Over 300 different things can make up potpourri.  There is no end to the the type of people who can make up the Church – Jesus Christ died for all!  Early in 2015 we heard about the importance of entering the world of people different to us.

*  Potpourri is useful for the things around it.  Church too is good for the community around it – we bring refreshing, a pleasing presence, we help our community to flourish, to not rot, and like potpourri, we’re oddly attractive.  In 2015 we’ll be hearing from a few people about why they are a Christian, and in the contexts they live out their faith in, what are they chuffed about?  And what is a challenge?

*  Potpourri is a natural product.  Church (people) too have an inbuilt God made beauty.  In 2015 we’ll be looking at some of the lesser known characters in the Old Testament book of Judges to see God at work in their beauty and brokenness.

*  Potpourri comes as it is – not necessarily attractive or popular.  Church too comes as it is.  We offer ourselves to each other and our community in our weakness – we aim to work with others and Glorify God.

*  Potpourri shows us about death and life – it’s made of dead things that have life giving additives.  Church too is focused on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  We too have died to ourselves and become alive again in Christ. In 2015 we’ll be doing a series called “Christianity Explained” in the Gospel of Mark.

*  Potpourri as a whole is one, but it’s still made up of individual items.  Church too is made up of individuals who live out faith in a variety of ways – whilst still being part of the “one.”  In 2015 we’ll doing a series on relationships and sexuality, including topics like singleness, marriage, homosexuality, and dating.  Alongside this series we’ll be running a group focussed on reading and thinking and talking constructively about a Christian view of and response to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and issues, and what this means for the church at large today.

*  Potpourri needs fresh air to keep it effective.  Church too needs fresh air – the wind of the Spirit of God to keep leading us in God’s mission on earth  – we don’t want to just stick to ourselves and go mouldy!

We are building the potpourri container throughout the year as a visual image of being God’s community of faith and living that faith out in the contexts we live in.


If you’d like to a further idea of what our services are like, feel free to check out the sermons available on this site.  You can listen to them on our site, download them or subscribe to them by podcast.  Our blog will also give you a flavour of the things that are important to us as a community.

As it says above, you can find us any Sunday morning at 144 South Road in Spotswood, New Plymouth.  We’d love to welcome you in person!

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